What are you selling?

It happened again.

On Saturday last, I went to a restaurant/ grab and go in my neighborhood.  To be honest, I had been curious about the place for a while, however, every time I passed by, it was ‘opening soon’ or when it did our schedules didn’t coincide.

Finally, I passed by and it was open (Yay!). I parked, and quickly made my way inside both curious and expectant as to what their offerings might be.

On the good side, the decor was well appointed-indicating that a lot of time, effort and expense had gone into it. Lovely pictures, gorgeous moulding and appropriately positioned lighting- all creating an atmosphere which would entice a patron to purchase and perhaps linger.

On the bad side, there were obvious challenges.

My order was taken by an affable server…in a dirty apron. Strike One.

I then asked directions to the washroom. On approaching the very nice sink to wash my hands, I was assailed with a washrag in said sink. Don’t know how long it was there, didn’t know who it belonged to, didn’t care-Strike Two.

At that point I took another look at the establishment-a long, hard look. I  noticed empty cups haphazardly stacked in corners, other dirty rags in the sink behind the serving counter and a general disarray that spoke of not enough care in terms of general upkeep- Strike Three!

Which brings me to the point of my soliloquy; ‘What are you selling?’ If after all the resources expended to woo the customer, you cannot be bothered to at the very least, keep up appearances, it tells me two things-One, either after spending all that cash you had none left for frontline training, or Two, you haven’t fully conceptualized your business as a going concern.

I left there, clutching my purchase-alas, my dogs were the only partakers of the  the meal (I had to settle for a cheese sandwich) but even more so, saddened that in a year’s time the owners of that business will probably be wondering why such a grand idea didn’t pan out.

What are your thoughts?



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